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Zhongshan Eycom Electric Appliance Co. Ltd. is an enterprise full of innovative spirit and profound technical strength. Since its establishment, it has been committed to providing high-quality electric heating elements. Such as mica heater, mica heating elements, drying heating cores, room heater heating elements, heating rings, band heater, aluminum foil heating elements, PTC heater, stainless steel heating tube, electric motors and industrial heating products to global customers.

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Eycom creates value through technology and wins trust through quality!

Electric heating element properties

Electric heating element properties

When an electric current passes through, almost all conductors can generate heat. However, not all conductors are suitable for making heating elements. The correct combination of electrical, mechanical, and chemical characteristics is necessary.

Our Company’s Water Dispenser Heater band: A Decade-Long Legacy of Premium Quality and Reliability

Since 2006, our company has proudly been manufacturing Drinking Water Heater Coils in collaboration with our esteemed Japanese clients, an association that endures to this day. Over the years, our products have consistently met the highest standards of quality, with zero complaints from customers...

“Melitta’s Coffee Maker Heating Elements, a 15-Year Market Staple, Prove Timeless Quality in French Company’s 150-Year Legacy”

For the past 15 years, Melitta’s coffee machine heating elements have been a mainstay in the market, reflecting the unwavering commitment to excellence by the esteemed French company, Melitta. With a storied history spanning 15 decades, Melitta has consistently delivered products that guara...